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Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Jodhpur city is popular tourist spot in Rajasthan. This princely city that was once the capital of the Marwar kingdom has got many places of visit, which enchant tourists from all over the world. These places reflect the then tradition, culture and splendor of the city. Some of the most famous tourist attractions in and around Jodhpur are as follows:

  • Achal Nath Shivalaya: Constructed by Rao Ganga's queen Nanak Devi, this Shiva temple dates back to 1531. Made of Chhitar stone, the various parts of the temple are Garbh Griha, Kirtan Bhawan and Mandap. The major attraction of the Shivalaya is the Ganga Bawari that is a big water reservoir positioned near the Shivlinga.


  • Ganesh Temple: Located in Ratanada, this ancient temple of Jodhpur houses a statue of God Ganesh or Vinayakji.


  • Government Museum: Based amid the Umaid Public Gardens, this museum of the Jodhpur city has got a good collection of textiles, weapons, miniature portraits, local crafts, images of the Jain Tirthankars and many more.


  • Jaswant Thada: Situated towards the left side of the fort of Mehrangarh, this is a royal white marbled cenotaph. Mainly built in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh, this place even displays some of the rare portraits of Jodhpur's former rulers. The octagonal bunglow has now been converted to the office of the Income Tax Department.


  • Mehrangarh Fort: Located on a hill that rises to around 1, 50 m from the level of the sea, this is the most glorious fort in the city of Jodhpur. Built in the year 1459 by Rao Jodha, the fort includes several palaces, temples, galleries and a museum within its premises.


  • Raj Ranchhodji Temple: Constructed by Queen Jadechi Rajkanwar post her husband King Jaswant Singh's death, this red sandstone temple houses Ranchhodji's statue, which is made of black colored marble. Though the temple is beautifully decorated with filigree work, the main door is featured with yellow, blue and green colored glasses.


  • Siddhnath: The long rock cut stairs, located on the Takhat Sagar hills, takes one to the Siddhnath Temple. The temple is even made of rocks. 


  • Umaid Bhawan Palace: Constructed in the 20th Century by Maharaja Umaid Singh, this is one of the captivating Jodhpur palaces. However, presently, a part of the Umaid Bhavan Palace has been transformed to a museum and a hotel. 


  • Umaid Garden: Developed over an area of about 82 acres by Maharaja Umaid Singh, this garden includes green lawns, plants of rose and other seasonal flowers, Ashoka trees, fountains, a library, a zoo and a museum. It has even got a "Walk-in Aviary", which was constructed in the year 1978 to provide a platform to watch different kinds of birds, ducks, rabbits etc.


Travel to Jodhpur City

 The tourist attractions in Jodhpur are the palaces and the forts, which are sentinels of history. 

A must see attraction in Jodhpur is the Mehrangarh Fort, which was built by Rao Jodha in 1806. It displays the second largest cannon in Asia. Another attraction is the Umaid Bhawan Palace with a museum that has rarities, antiques and relics of the past like costumes, tea sets, clocks, timepieces and paintings. The palace has now been turned into a heritage hotel though part of it is still royal residence.

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