Indus Tower

Indus Towers Limited- Invitation of objection (if any) regarding installation of Mobile Tower establish by Indus Towers Limited

Public Notice
Date Subject More Detail
02/03/2017 Notice: JDA/Ex.Eng.(Drainage-II)/2017/OFC-775 View
29/11/2016 Notice: JDA/Ex.Eng.(Drainage-II)/2016/OFC-619 View
28/07/2016 Notice: JDA/Ex.Eng.(Drainage-II)/2016/OFC-450 View
21/06/2016 Notice: JDA/Ex.Eng.(Drainage-II)/2016/OFC-383 View
11/03/2016 Notice: JDA/Ex.Eng.(Drainage-II)/2015/OFC-192 View
12/06/2016 Notice: JDA/Ex.Eng.(Drainage-II)/2015/OFC-323 View
Locations of Indus Mobile Towers on Google Map
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